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Example configuration

This module is not built by default, it should be
enabled with
the --with-mail configuration parameter.

Example configuration

worker_processes 1;

error_log /var/log/nginx/error.log info;

mail {
    auth_http         localhost:9000/cgi-bin/nginxauth.cgi;

    imap_capabilities IMAP4rev1 UIDPLUS IDLE LITERAL+ QUOTA;

    pop3_auth         plain apop cram-md5;
    pop3_capabilities LAST TOP USER PIPELINING UIDL;

    smtp_auth         login plain cram-md5;
    smtp_capabilities "SIZE 10485760" ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES 8BITMIME DSN;
    xclient           off;

    server {
        listen   25;
        protocol smtp;
    server {
        listen   110;
        protocol pop3;
        proxy_pass_error_message on;
    server {
        listen   143;
        protocol imap;
    server {
        listen   587;
        protocol smtp;


syntax: listen

context: server

Sets an address and a port for for a socket,
on which the server will accept requests.
Only port may be specified.
An address may also be a hostname, for example:

listen *:110;
listen 110;     # то же, что и *:110
listen localhost:110;

IPv6 addresses (0.7.58) are specified in square brackets:

listen [::1]:110;
listen [::]:110;

UNIX-domain sockets (1.3.5) are specified with the “unix:

listen unix:/var/run/nginx.sock;

The optional bind parameter
instructs to make a separate bind()
call for a given address:port pair.
The fact is that nginx will bind() only to
if there are several listen directives with
the same port but different addresses, and one of the
listen directives listens on all addresses
for the given port (*:port).
It should be noted that the getsockname() system call will be
made in this case to determine an address that accepted a connection.

Different virtual servers must listen on different
address:port pairs.

syntax: protocol
imap |
pop3 |

context: server

Sets the protocol of a proxied server.
Supported protocols are
POP3 and

If the directive is not set, the protocol can be detected automatically
basing on the well-known port specified in the listen

  • imap: 143, 993
  • pop3: 110, 995
  • smtp: 25, 587, 465

Unnecessary protocols can be disabled using the
parameters --without-mail_imap_module,
--without-mail_pop3_module and

syntax: server { ... }

context: mail

Sets a configuration for the virtual server.

syntax: server_name name;
server_name hostname;
context: mail, server

Sets a name of the virtual server, used:

  • in the initial POP3/SMTP server greeting;
  • in the salt during the SASL CRAM-MD5 authentication;
  • in the EHLO command on the SMTP backend connection,
    if the xclient command
    is turned on.

syntax: so_keepalive on | off;
so_keepalive off;
context: mail, server

Controls if the “TCP keepalive” mode should be enabled on the client’s
connection (SO_KEEPALIVE socket parameter) on the
proxied server connection.

syntax: timeout time;
timeout 60s;
context: mail, server

Sets the timeout which is used before proxying to the backend started.

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